Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's all Pink

So no matter what you read, or where you shop, it seems that retailers have whole-heartedly gotten on the Breast cancer Bandwagon. When you read the fine print, they may only be contributing relatively minor amounts, but they out nonetheless. It's grown exponentially in the last several years and it begs the question: who is doing all this selling?

The answer is probably to a certain extent that the month is commoditized. Rather than begging retailers to participate, it seems odd when they don't. And it's easy - all it takes is a ribbon and some pink items. it will be interesting to see this years results for the collection of charities, and whether all of this is more effective at raising awareness or raising money.

Interestingly enough, even competitors are copying each other to get into the game, Progresso soup changed some of their labels to honor the month, just as Campbell's soup had the year before.

Business Week ran this article last year but has yet to follow it up.

But there are the foes as well: think before you pink questions the validity of these promotions